Tank liquid distributorRecently, Hisense Kelon substantial completion of the acquisition, and spin off mobile phone business, thus completing the black, white,
The structure of the three industry structure;
Then follow the usual international routes, in the United States, India plant, play the international card; and
Recently, it was carried out on the TTE major leadership shake-up, TTE is the most important force China into a young group.

Either from the personnel changes, on or from the strategic adjustment, the recent
Home Appliances
Corporate action frequently, these new blood, new elements into the future development of enterprises in the end how much? Industry expert analysis, the major appliance business out of action recently special consideration on the industry, their business model under the corresponding corporate personnel, strategic adjustment to identify the way for enterprise development. Fresh blood, new elements into, whether it can form a strong effect, to go through rigorous testing the market for some time.

Effective to trigger a new round of turmoil

With the computer, communications and consumer
Product integration of the approaching and the original living space sharply the pressure, household electrical appliance enterprises frequent recent action, the plan of their way to seek for themselves the best way to enterprise development.

Reporter has learned, Hisense Kelon recently completed a substantial acquisition, and spin off mobile phone business, which completed a black and white pattern of electrical and communications industry, the structure of the three; TCL also recently conducted a large high-level shake-TTE for TTE injected fresh blood into China. In addition, Changhong has also recently hired a new spokesman, and introduced the bright, comfortable, cool brand new idea. The CPT also completed a substantial shareholder of the Xiamen Overseas Chinese.

Household electrical appliance enterprises in personnel, marketing strategy development strategies and have made adjustments to the industry sent this message: 3C integration in the global electronics industry trend of more and more clear today, the traditional division of electronic home appliance industry has become relatively vague, At the same time the face of increasingly competitive international market, Chinese home appliance enterprises to manufacture a single product from a big-scale fixed-thinking freed before the international market in the 3C and make a difference.

The PRC, market research firm In an interview with marketing director Peng Yu
Electronics China
Newspaper reporters, said: “These changes in household electrical appliance enterprises are enterprises spontaneous behavior. As the consumer electronics market in the first half of this year the situation is not very good, all enterprises should fend for themselves, both for their own profit growth in accordance with the way the enterprise adjust all aspects. “

Guangzhou on the army attack plan
Business management
Consultants Limited, strategy director Liu Buchen, that the most recent high-level appliance business, strategic frequent adjustments, primarily for special consideration on the industry, such as TTE TTE top of the changes are mainly the poor in international sales, and the expected goal due to some differences.
Brand new challenges faced

China has been a feeling of home appliance business to the outside world is to conquer the world price, relying on price to win market share. However, reporters found that the current level of corporate attention on the brand in general warming.

Digital flat panel displays, general manager of Changhong CHEN Ning told reporters that the grants a new Changhong spokesman, and introduced a smart, comfortable, cool brand new ideas, mainly out of consideration of Changhong’s overall brand image, brand marketing Changhong’s future development strategy will be the top priority. In this regard,
And other business-related charge also indicated Branding is the focus of future development of enterprises.

According to report, brand building in the Chinese home appliance industry has been wrongly interpreted as a pure sense of the dissemination activities.

In fact, the household electrical appliance enterprises become bigger and stronger to face more intense competition in the international market, we must create a good brand image.

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