For most organic garden cultivator, making an organic garden not only is beneficial for the environment but it is financial helpful for the cultivator. If you are planning to make an organic garden in your home you should know the basics in order for your organic plants and vegetables to survive. Are you going to cultivate vegetables or flowers or both? This will be the first thing that you should be asking yourself.

Tank liquid distributorNow, for the beginners it would be best if you would concentrate in one plant. Thus, if you are going to cultivate a vegetable, focus on it 100% and as soon as your vegetables are fully grown you may perhaps start planting another category of plants like flowers. The rationale behind this is that there is a special kind of treatment that each and every type of plant will require from you.

These are the basic tools you will need when making an organic vegetable garden:

1. Rake – now, there are actually two types of rake that you can choose to use depending on your need. Bow rake is an ideal tool for preparing garden beds by removing stones, clods and the like. Straight rake, on the other hand, is ideal for smoothing the soil by its back end while its fork is used for removing leaves, weeds and figs on the ground.

2. Hand duster – This will be used to scoop out the compost fertilizer and to spread it on the ground.

3. Measuring stick – this is ideal for measuring the distance between the plant in the garden to provide adequate rows or space.

4. Long-Handled Cultivator – You will use this to refine the soil that has large clods in them.

5. Garden cart – this is also called the wheelbarrow which is use when transferring soil, plants, tools etc. from one place to another.

6. Kitchen compost bucket – If you are planning to make a compost fertilizer, this will be needed. You will place this in your kitchen sot hat all your food waste will be collected and you will not need to go to your backyard every after meal to deposit it.

Wood, steel, plastic, fiber glass or perhaps a combination of the materials are among the materials that these organic garden tools will be made of. Choosing the right tools for your garden all depends on what type of plants you are cultivating in your garden and the size of your garden.

To have an abundant and healthy harvest make sure that the organic garden seeds you are planting are well taken care of. Organic vegetable seed needs special care and attention.

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