I found a source for an anti-aging skin care review that is really informative. There is a new campaign movement that advocates safer cosmetics. The best anti-aging skin care system would be a part of that movement.

Cutting plate machineIn the United States, the cosmetic companies know that they can get away with practically anything. The Food and Drug Administration allows them to use any material, except for a few prohibited substances. They are only prohibited because they endanger the health of factory workers.

No one seemed concerned about the effects on the consumer’s health. But, now an online database for cosmetic and anti-aging skin care review actually lists the ingredients and rates products according to safety.

It’s a free service called Skin Deep. They ask you to sign up for their newsletter and of course they are a non-profit organization, so they accept donations. But, you can freely search for an anti-aging skin care system by name. Or you can search by category and products will be listed from safest, to most hazardous.

You’ll be surprised how many products fall in the hazardous category. For instance, did you know that your lipstick may contain lead, a toxic metal that causes brain damage, neurological problems and birth defects?

33 different brands were tested and 61% contained lead. Companies that you may count on for safety, including L’oreal, Cover Girl and Christian Dior tested positive. That’s a serious health threat, but the cosmetic companies say it’s safe.

Some ingredients are not hazardous, they are just the wrong choice for an anti-aging skin care system. For example, one anti-aging skin care review that I read was for a “lip plumper” that contains paraffin. Paraffin and other mineral oil derivatives interfere with the skin rejuvenation process. That’s a fact I learned from reading a dermatologist’s viewpoint on safe and effective creams and lotions.

The customer that wrote the anti-aging skin care review said that the product was ineffective, but even if it had worked, it would have been counterproductive. The long term effect would have been dryer, more damaged looking lips.

How about the Avon anti-aging skin care system? That has to be safe, right? I looked at the ingredients in Avon’s Ultimate transforming cream. The first thing that I noticed was titanium dioxide, a sunscreen that has recently been listed as possibly carcinogenic.

The anti-aging skin care review at Skin Deep ranks the Avon anti-aging skin care system as highly hazardous. It contains compounds that are known to cause developmental and reproductive toxicity. Other ingredients in it are neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and irritants.

The product is “enhanced” so that it is easily absorbed into the skin’s layers. This creates additional problems, because it can enter the bloodstream more easily than other cosmetics. So, the risks are increased.

Strangely, I didn’t see anything in the ingredients that might be beneficial except vitamin A, and that’s not the most beneficial vitamin for the skin. There are effective products out there, but you probably will not find an “anti-aging skin care review” that mentions them, because they are not heavily advertised. But, if you take the time to look for them, I know you’ll be pleased.