The creation of a persuasive and engaging resume can be a formidable and daunting challenge even for the most astute job seekers! It’s easy to ‘sell yourself short’ by omitting relevant data. The fact is, your skills and expertise are highly portable and may be relevant to many new market segments. It’s vital that prospective employers are fully aware of your skills and inspired by your versatility and talent. Those skills however, won’t get you a job if no one knows you have them!

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Collecting the data to serve as the base for the resume content is referred to as the ‘Discovery Process’. This phase is the initial and perhaps, most crucial practice during the resume preparation. The job seeker must recollect and gather all relevant career data including – dates of employment, responsibilities, achievements, promotions, attributes, and skills. This is no trivial task, even for recent college graduates with minimal work experience. This intensive endeavor entails more than completing an on-line resume ‘template’. It typically proves to be a rigorous and formidable task – both mentally and physically. Motivated by cost-savings, this exercise can easily evolve into a futile, time consuming, and, frustrating error in judgement!

Invariably, the average job seeker tends to underestimate or omit vital skills, elements, and achievements in their career. This oversight may even include their most recent achievements. These omissions often renders the final product as an ordinary resume that does not differentiate the candidate, inspire the discerning reader, nor generate interviews! The fact is, it’s difficult to be objective and thorough when evaluating your own work! Most applicants will normally seek approval and validation from family members, friends, and close associates. This is typically a poor choice since their opinions are biased and frankly, not neutral! In many instances, you are actually misdirected and an error in judgement cascades into a catastrophe – excluding you from any interview consideration. An ordinary, ‘run-of-the-mill’ resume doesn’t inspire the interviewer nor present the job seeker as the caliber of candidate employers want to interview and hire! A perceptive employer can quickly ascertain if a candidate’s resume is appealing, well structured, and, reflects a career trend of progressive responsibilities and accomplishments.

The option of retaining a Professional Resume Writer is of significant value in a highly competitive job market. A competent Resume Writer is skilled conducting a thorough Discovery Process to ‘ferret out’ and uncover background details and vital omissions. Employing intuitive techniques, a Professional Resume Writer unleashes their client’s full potential by exposing critical revelations and encapsulating crucial elements which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. A Professional Resume Writer pays dividends by avoiding the disastrous mistakes in resume content and structure that can derail a job search! Sufficient and highly relevant content is the difference between an ordinary resume vs. an impressive, compelling resume which motivates the reader and generates interviews. Realistically, the cost associated with retaining a professional resume writer is quite nominal when compared to the investment in one’s career and substantial reduction in income due to corporate downsizing.

To summarize, the Discovery Process cannot be overemphasized. Follow-up iterations of this process may be necessary and commonplace to ensure ‘no stones are left unturned’. Your interview potential is highly influenced based on the vital content of your resume. Clearly, the beneficiary of this initial thorough phase is the job seeker – now armed with a superbly crafted, impressive resume that broadcasts their marketability, differentiation, and superior qualifications to an inspired interviewer!

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