Dill Tubo-Fornitore, Trapano Rig e Drill Rig Accessori (CollOur unique facility is situated on roughly 131 acres in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the heart of McKean County and the birthplace of the U.S. domestic oil trade more than a hundred years ago. Our refinery has a rated capability of 11,000 barrels per day and processes gentle sweet paraffinic crude. Such a crude is offered domestically, and ARG purchases the majority of its crude from sources in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia.

The Jalondoni Bridge over the Iloilo RiverARG stocks are transformed into high-high quality waxes, lubricant base oils, gasoline and fuels, in addition to a large variety of specialty merchandise. American Refining Group state-of-the-artwork blending and packaging services are capable of producing a full spectrum of completed lubricant products. These merchandise can be found in a broad vary of package deal sizes, together with bulk, and could be delivered both by rail or truck. Our whole commitment to high quality is confirmed by our packaging plant and refinery being each ISO 9001:2008 and Made in USA certified.

Refinery Origin

The refinery was based at its current location in 1881. The refinery’s authentic crude-oil capability was 10 barrels per day; it required five workers for its operation.

By March 1966, the capacity had grown to four,800 barrels per day.

Crude Oil Provide

The crude oil ARG purchases is light candy paraffinic with the majority sourced in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia.

Refining Capability by 12 months

  • 1881 -10 barrels per day
  • 1906 -140 barrels per day
  • 1931 -2,250 barrels per day
  • 1955 -3,800 barrels per day
  • 1966 -4,500 barrels per day
  • 1971 -5,500 barrels per day
  • 1975 -7,200 barrels per day
  • 1986 -10,000 barrels per day
  • 2013-eleven,000 barrels per day

Refinery Improvements

  • 1925 – First Pennsylvania refiner to dewax all grades of motor oil under 0F.
  • 1928 -First Pennsylvania refiner to supply extremely refined motor oils good for two,000 miles.
  • 1933 -First to introduce the quart can nationally for motor oils.
  • 1937 -First Pennsylvania refiner to use propane dewaxing.
  • 1938 -First Pennsylvania refiner to install full-scale engine-testing services for use
    in research and development of high-quality automotive lubricants.
  • 1940 -First Pennsylvania refiner to make use of phenol extraction.
  • 1943 -First Pennsylvania refiner to produce heavy-duty motor oils.
  • 1951 -First Pennsylvania refiner and second refinery in the world to install a
    platformer forgasoline reforming.
  • 1953 -First refiner to market an SAE 10W-30 motor oil.
  • 1956 -Pioneered using close-cut petroleum distillates as rolling oils for aluminum
    sheet andfoil manufacturing.
  • 1958 -First to develop and market sheer-stable excessive-viscosity-index hydraulic fluids.
  • 1960 -First to introduce motorcycle racing oil.

1961 -First to introduce sports automobile racing oil. Pioneered the advertising and marketing of specially
formulatedlubricants in the quickly rising auto racing industry.