In Singapore, almost each house needs an aircon due to the humid weather of our country. As air conditioner is almost a necessity in Singapore, most aircon are overused & spoil frequently due to lousy aircon maintainence. In order to breathe in fresh air, we need to engage an aircon servicing company to maintain your. In addition, the aircon servicing should and refrain using “General Servicing”.

General Servicing typically uses a vacuum robot to get rid of dust (not mold) from the aircon surfaces and get rid choke at the drain area, it is weak in removing dirt, gel liked materials or bad stench from the fan coil. The advantages of “general Servicing” is more than often overly stated. Claims that it assist to improve the air quality, prevent water dripping and prolong the life efficiency of the air conditioner is often an over statement. But I have to agree that it promotes the air flow if the filters are dirty, which you can easily clean them yourself. While General serving cleans the aircon covers making them look cleaner also making you “feel healthy”, you might already be turning ill from a dirty air conditioner.

We recently found an aircon service business, named Aircon Astiquer. They provide an customed aircon servicing method, called the HydroJET & ChemJET. These two way of aircon cleaning is completely safe & good for yourself.

HydroJET is ASTIQUER’s unique aircon servicing technique that uses high pressured water spray to clean the aircon fan coil and blower. This method is carried out when the aircon fan coil is clean but the circular fan blower Kinetic Energy is clogged. HydroJET is well suited for such aircon cleaning application as said blower need not be dismantled and the powerful jet stream service the aircon better than to dismantle & clean with normal water pressure.

On the other hand, ChemJET is an air con servicing method that applies high powered water spray (1500psi) and alkaline coil washer for a very clean and cost effective cleaning and service of the air conditioner.

Consider the fact that, how many times have you hired the aircon service company to come back and fix the water drip issue only to require them come back again the next week? How many times have the aircon service company told you that despite having a maintenance contract, your air conditioner is not clean and you need to come out another $100-$150 for some “chemical servicing” and you go back to your landlord only to hear from him several days later that the tenancy agreement states that all minor repair less than $150 is to be covered by you?

This is why we focus on the need to hire a reputable aircon servicing company. We strongly recommend Aircon Astiquer as your contract aircon repair company.