Acne is one of the most general skin problems in the world described by pimples, blackheads and whiteheads on the face, back, shoulders and the neck. Teens are the most susceptible to acne breakouts, while boys having long-term and more severe acne than girls. Acne arises when oils and dead skin cells are catch in the pores. As the bacteria invade the pores, redness and inflammation will transpire.

Although acne is a severe problem, there are a lot of cures that are emerging this present. Dermatologists do not just advise home-base treatments but chemical and several cosmetic procedures as well. The solution that you will apply will also base on the severity of your acne. For example cystic acne treatment is a lot different from common acne. Just remember that whichever treatment you apply, you should know that curing takes weeks before you can see your face pimple-free.

One of the best acne cures is to not squeeze all the pimples on your face or it will get more irritated and infected. This will leave traces that are even difficult to remove. Secondly, you should look for a medical professional who can give you the correct diagnosis and medication. Follow his instructions and you will see the out-come in several days.

Thirdly, you should help your body get rid of the pimple effectively. Aside from taking the medications, you should also keep your face clean. Use mild cleansers in washing your face and do not use scrubs on it.

Next, do not obtain just about any over-the-counter acne treatment product as this may aggravate your skin condition. Stick to whatever your dermatologist recommended you and do not overuse the remedies. Acne medication that is given to you can also mix with some of the more home-base cures out there that are safe to apply.

Lastly, you can also search online for possible acne treatments that you can apply. Several products online have reviews available so make sure to verify them out. However, ask this product to your dermatologist first just to be sure that you will not get irritated with it.

Know that there really are no top acne cures out there. This is because everyone has a different skin type, so what is good for her might not be good for you. In the end, it is still best to look for a good dermatologis who can really help you remove all those unwanted acne for good.