methanol extraction towerNonetheless, about half of all of the electricity in the United States today is produced with coal, and emissions present a major problem in terms of pollution in the ongoing quest to be “green.” Specifically, mercury is a major contaminant in coal emissions, and Grnergy’s focus has been to clean up coal-based electricity production.

Originally based in Frankfurt, Germany, Grnergy (from the German word “grn,” which means “green,” and is also a reference to the “first greening” of spring) has subsidiaries in the US and Canada. Right now, the emphasis is to reduce mercury in coal burning plants’ omissions; its success rate has been remarkable, approaching 95% in some cases.

North American Grnergy’s companies, North America Grnergy Technologies USA Inc., and Grnergy technologies Canada, Inc., a research oriented companies that focus on mercury emissions capture. The focus is to provide solutions that are cost effective so that utility boilers around the globe can control and capture mercury emissions. Government regulations are growing ever stricter, which means this need for a cost-effective way to control emissions while a lot of plants to continue operation is imperative.

Total Mercury Control

Grnergy’s Total Mercury Control system is focused on removing mercury through its components, while still being in compliance with environmental regulations at the same time. One of the major adsorbent mediums has been activated carbon, but this has not been enough to meet environmental standards for mercury adsorption. Because of this, it developed other technology, specifically an additive to enhance sorbents, known as the Sorbent Enhancement Additive; went combined with existing equipment to control air pollution, this has proven very effective.

Grnergy commercially licensed the technology and began to test it and power plants throughout North America. The result has been a marked reduction in mercury emissions, which has let plants that would otherwise have been shut down because of environmental concerns continue operations. Simply put, Grnergy’s systems have offered a more cost-effective, efficient, and expedient way to reduce mercury emissions, more than any other provider at present. Government regulations will continue to make this imperative, as “green” energy sources become more of a major focus. Because of Grnergy’s technology, many plants will be able to continue to operate when they might not otherwise be able to. In addition, what is normally considered a very “dirty” fossil fuels’ source for electricity has become much more environmentally friendly.

Grunergy’s technology can allow plants throughout North America to continue to operate with solutions that will also save money; these are especially notable pursuits as current events dictate, with “green” energy solutions’ development and a reduction in pollution and ever-growing concern around the world.

Through extensive research, Grunergy Technologies’ partner and technology developer, the Energy Environmental Research Center (EERC), has described the complex mercurysorbentflue gas interaction, showing the role and impact that various flue gas components have on chemisorption. Based on this model and over hundreds of tests at various scales and under a wide range of conditions, mercury capture has been shown to be significantly enhanced by the use of Grnergy’s sorbent enhancement additives (SEA). This technology has been licensed and patented exclusively by Grnergy Technologies. Author Box Steve Williams has 1 articles online

Visit Grunergy for more information.

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