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With rising cost of the electricity, shade trees for garden or yard are very important. In addition, planting trees is environmentally friendly. Here are the things to consider when choosing trees to plant. The trees should not have invasive root system, particularly if they are to be planted near the house foundation, septic system or concrete patio. They should not also be overly messy. This is why most gardeners prefer male trees than female, since male trees are a shedding less and neater one.

Planting Small Trees
Here is a list of a few fine trees to be planted in gardens. Small trees are larger compared to other plants and shrubs, thus there is a challenge when planting them in the garden without planning carefully. Before planting small trees, here are the things you should do. First, move all sun loving plants to the other area of the garden. Make sure that you do not disturb delicate plants’ roots which you cannot transfer to other location. Then, be sure that there is a watering system in place for the trees to not take water from the soil which is meant for the other plants. Majority of small trees are either fruit bearing or flowering trees. In order for them to maintain healthy and strong, fertilization is an important factor. But small trees do not do fine with fast-acting fertilizers. To fertilize them properly, you can use tree fertilizer spikes during early spring or apply a slow-release granular fertilizer.

Evergreen Trees
Aside from small trees, evergreen trees are also good trees in the garden. As more people are becoming interested in the so-called winter gardening, there is a growing popularity in evergreen trees. It is because these trees are useful since they are providing shelter for wild life as well as they serve as background plantings. In planting evergreen trees, here are the things to be considered. First, look for an area with well-drained soil. Evergreen trees do not live healthy and long lives in damp soil. Then check the pH of the soil. Most of the evergreens prefer acidic oil. Lastly, consider if planting the tree in the area you select will cast much shade on the other area of the garden when the evergreen becomes mature. In keeping the evergreen look healthy and green, you may fertilize them. You may apply fertilizer in these trees in early fall or late summer. Evergreen trees prefer fertilizers such as fertilizer spike or slow-release granular fertilizer.

Pine trees
Other good trees in the garden are the pine one. They are good ways to make gardens green all year round. They are low maintenance, but there are things to be considered to keep them look best. In taking pine trees, you should make sure that there is a plenty space for them. Pine trees prefer a few feet of unplanted space around them. Then prune the other trees back to make sure that pine one get enough sunshine. Pine trees can stand with light shade, but do not do great in a heavy shade. To fertilize pine trees, use a slow-release granular fertilizer or you can either fertilize once a year in early fall or late summer.

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