Do you dread that time of the year when your electricity bills shoot through the roof? Yes, it’s winter; the season of piping hot coffee, fireplace warmth, room heaters and Christmas lights. And to keep that tall order going you need energy too, after all you can’t be just sitting at home with your jaws freezing up.

chlorinated toluene towerSo, what’s the best way to cut those staggering electricity bills? Are there efficient ways to reduce energy loss while making your homes, offices and other public utility areas safely warm?You’d be surprised at how many simple ways there are in which you could efficiently save energy in winter and cut down on your electricity bills. Let’s see how!

1. The Sun Is Your Savior

Have you ever wondered how the warmth and energy from the sun can help you in winter? This powerful disk of golden rays is itself a ball of energy and can magnanimously reduce the chill inside your rooms. You can keep the curtains and windows open and let the sun’s rays naturally heat your homes. You can also install solar panels if you can afford them.

2. Cover Adequately And Save

Another very simple mechanism to conserve energy is to cover all those areas which invite the chill from outside. For instance, there could be cracks in your doors and windows which need to be sealed. Also, look out for any leaks or gaps in pipes, ceilings, cupboards, closets and chimneys that could be letting cold drafts into the interiors.

3. Control Temperatures

The thermostat might be a very handy utility tool, but you need to make careful use of this gadget in winter. Firstly get yourself a programmable thermostat that can be adjusted, it will effectively reduce energy consumption by 30%. Secondly, when you’re at home, reduce its temperature to a comfortable minimum. However, when you are away, increase the temperature to 10 or 15 degrees and see your electricity costs reducing remarkably. Water heaters when left at high temperatures for a considerable period of time consume a lot of energy, often causing extensive damage as well. Try to maintain the setting in the heater to an average 120 degrees Fahrenheit and see your heating costs reduce too.

4. Heating Systems Require Maintenance

For any gadget to function optimally it is crucial to take care of it. The same holds true for heaters, geysers and the other heating systems. Get them serviced timely to ensure that they function well. For example, you should replace the furnace filter as required and clean the inside of the heater thoroughly. Seek professional help to better understand the requirements for maintenance.

5. Get Judicious With Electricity

The simplest thing to do is to switch off lights and other electronic devices when they are not in use. Start investing in energy saving gadgets like LED (light emitting diode) lights for Christmas decorations. Similarly, instead of using warm water to wash clothes and utensils, select the setting of these appliances to cold water. Also remember to shut the fireplace with an air-tight door to stop air leaks.

Energy saving during the winter is merely about judicious use of electronic devices and heating systems. Learning its essentials will help you adequately save on those alarming electricity bills.