Before starting any construction work in chemical plant, you will want to conduct construction safety meeting which is attended by safety in charges within your company or plant, construction workers and labors. It is usually conducted daily, weekly and or monthly within the construction schedule.

At that time, you should choose appropriate construction safety meeting topics. They are very important in which you communicate any safety-related topics with the construction jobs.

Below here are 26 ideas that you can choose for the construction safety meetings in the plant site. Selection of the topics will depend on hazard level of each construction work that you have assessed through the hazard identification and risk assessment.
1. Company’s safety regulations
2. Safety work permit procedure
3. Hot work permit methanol extraction tower procedure
4. Wearing personal protective equipment
5. Potential hazards at the plant site
6. Fire safety precautions
7. Working under confined spaces
8. Welding, brushing and grinding safety
9. Hazardous chemicals handling
10. How to safely handle flammable gas and liquid
11. Compressed gas safety
12. Electric tools
13. Electrical hazards at the construction site
14. Hard hat usage
15. Eye goggles usage
16. When to use hearing protection devices
17. Scaffolding
18. Fall protection
19. Safety of construction ladder
20. Crane safety
21. Chain block
22. Safety checklist for demolition
Chemical cleaning
23. Hydrostatic pressure safety
24. Construction communication procedure
25. Emergency response procedure

Select one of the above construction safety meeting topics according to construction work types. For instance, if the construction works done under confined spaces, you should prioritize confined space as your construction safety meeting topics. Give more weight on that topic. But always bear in mind that to give only topic for each meeting.