1.Helio to bankruptcy By the SK Telecom and the United States established in 2006, Earthlink MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)?? Helio may eventually go bankrupt. Although SK Telecom and Earthlink in different occasions more than once stressed, Helio in 2008 will usher in the dawn. However, this view of its performance in the face to seem useless. Although the third quarter of 2007 Helio received 52 million U.S. dollars in revenue, up 13 million U.S. dollars, but a more substantial loss, the net loss reached 92 million U.S. dollars. At the same time, as of August 2007, Helio only attracted to 13 million users, so you want to support small-scale users of high-speed revenue growth since its difficult to imagine. October, Helio reduction of 100 employees. Helio’s two major investors from the point of view, SK Telecom Helio may keep the investment and enthusiasm, but Earthlink may not have much financial strength to keep Helio’s commitment. We forecast the fate of Helio probably would not continue into 2009.

Helio SK Telecom’s global strategy is the important part. Over the past few years, SK Telecom in overseas markets on the attack, the United States, China, Vietnam, SK Telecom are focused on expanding the market areas of the market. As we all know, SK Telecom’s overseas expansion out of South Korea’s domestic market saturation, not much room for growth in revenue and profit considerations. But SK Telecom’s overseas expansion though costly, but does not seem effective. Helio is one example. In addition, SK Telecom joint venture in Vietnam SLD has only developed over 200 million users, less than 10% market share.

At the same time, although the 2007 SK Telecom in South Korea to continue to dominate the domestic market, but also challenged. First of all, Korea on reducing tariffs is growing, which could in the next few years, SK Telecom to bring greater profit pressures; Secondly, 3G Market, SK Telecom by competitors?? KTF’s challenges, HSDPA 100 000 600 000 users and KTF’s HSDPA gap between users have sounded the alarm to SK Telecom. There is no doubt, SK Telecom suffered internal problems and foreign threats and the two major problems. From this, Helio, if not in the short term profit, even if a financial strong SK Telecom may also break its “financial resources.”

2.Leap and MetroPCS to merge

We believe that in 2008 a low monthly subscription rates for small mobile operators LeapWireless and MetroPCS will be merged. September 2007, MetroPCS announced on the public want to buy 7.5 billion LeapWireless, which included 5.5 billion U.S. dollars in stock and 20 million bond. Shortly afterwards LeapWireless rejected the acquisition on the grounds that MetroPCS Leap’s business on the valuation is too low, and the interests of shareholders given careful consideration. However, analysts are optimistic this shocking attitude towards M “> Author Box pretty has 1 articles online

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